Console Object in Javascript.

The console Object is one of the most used Objects in Javascript.It provides access to browsers debugging console. The most powerful function available in console object.Starting from simple console…


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7 short poems that are not about love.

Good pined for evil.

She wanted dirty handprints

on her pristine robes.

Evil burned for good.

He wanted to melt her down

and mold her in his image.

But good couldn’t yield

and evil abhorred a mess.

They were both disappointed.

He loved her

so he set her free.

But she flew back,

hoping to trade

her freedom

for a solid place

in a liquid world.

He refused.

“I want your love,” he said,

“not your fear.”

She was a giver.

She cut off her hair

and gave it to the birds.

They made a cozy nest.

She was happy,

until her head got cold.

She cast a meaningful

glance at the birds,

who warbled their gratitude,

but it was not enough.

So she made herself

a feathered hat.

She was a taker.

He had her at hello.

Those magic syllables

froze her feet and

locked her lips.

A year later,

he finally said goodbye.

She staggered away

on pale, bruised legs.

She loves danger

from a distance,

sending roses

to vampires,

and praying

she’ll grow fangs

of her own.

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