Sustainable Building Materials for Slow Spaces

Clean building practices are the line of defense against the thoughtless, ubiquitous use of toxic building materials. The Slow Space Movement advocates for buildings that are good, clean and fair…


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The ten major reasons for weight gain

This article is going to focus on the 10 major reasons for weight gain. If you are confused about whether your weight is right or not, please read this. This article will be your absolute interest if you are worried about your weight gain. There will also be more articles for you to read on weight gain so you can differentiate whether your weight is right and healthy or not?

The science of increasing weight is very simple. If you’ll not burn as many calories as you’re eating and drinking, then your weight gain is for certain. The calories that are not used are the remaining calories that get collected in the body as fat and causes weight increases.

Here are the top ten reasons for weight gain:

1. Food and drink: The most important reason is our food and drink. If the amount of calories in our food is more then the chances of gaining weight are increased. The extreme intake of fried-fast, fast-food, native ghee (clarified butter), cold-drink, etc. creates more calories than necessary in the body, which we cannot burn without extra effort and the result is reflected in our increased weight. If you are aware of how many calories your body needs every day and consume as much, then your weight will not increase.

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2. Being Inactive: If your routine is such that you do not have to move your hands and feet, then your weight gain is almost certain. Especially those who stay at home or work in the chair throughout the day should deliberately involve some physical activity in their daily life. For example, if you use stairs instead of the elevator, play a game of your interest, such as badminton, table-tennis, etc. If you can afford a treadmill or a gym cycle or a monthly gym membership and use it regularly then it’ll be quite beneficial. By the way, the cheapest and simplest solution is to get used to walking for a while every day.

3. Genetics: If one of your parents is overweight, then your chances of gaining more weight also increase. Apart from this, the effect of genetics affects what proportion of hunger you’ve got, how much fat and muscle is there in your body. It also affects a person’s…

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