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Console Object in Javascript.

The console Object is one of the most used Objects in Javascript.It provides access to browsers debugging console.

We will discuss the properties available in console object.

Type in the magic line and get to know the properties in console object.

The most powerful function available in console object.Starting from simple console output t to giving colored output ,its filled with a variety of functionalities

We can also style the output in console. You can use the %c directive to apply a CSS style to console output:

assert takes ’n’ number of arguments,the first argument being an assertion and the following arguments being the messages to be displayed.


Clears the console with an information message “Console was cleared”

count takes optional argument ‘label’.It logs the number of times ‘count’ had been called with the optional label.

Note the last two outputs.The counter starts from the beginning when the label is changed.

console.groupCollapsed() is similar to console.group,just that it created the list collapsed.

Takes mandatory data as input.Should be an array or an Object.It takes a second argument which takes column names to restrict the column being displayed

I have omitted a few other properties which are non standard.

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