Sucking My Boss For A Raise

I had worked as the secretary for Mr. Lee for the last 8 months. I was promised a raise after 6-months of work. Mr. Lee was a terrible boss. He was grumpy.


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Muscle based Game Controller

Bored of conventional input methods like keyboard, mouse, etc? Ever thought of controlling a computer using your body movement?
Or building applications around your body movement?

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to incorporate some fun into your daily exercises :) or make your own nintendo power glove.
For example, adding T-rex game to your bicep curls:

There are a number of “instructables” available online (like they are for any other project 😜) but i wanted to make it on my own. While writing this blog I will take the opportunity to explain my way of thinking to you so you can also make it(and any other project) on your own. For starting the project think about the basic steps.

1. Capturing muscle movement data
2. Transmitting the data to computer
3. Programming the computer to use this data.

We can either use EMG sensors or Flex sensors for this purpose. As Flex sensors are cheaper and more accessible so we will be using it in this blog post. Micro has 4 analog input pins. The basic circuitry would be like this:

Cover the flex sensor with cello tape to stabilise the variation in reading due to external factors. By the end of 1st step you will have the circuit ready.

By the end of 2nd step you will be able to gather the data you require.

Code for final product:

By following these steps you should be able to make a plug and play BioFeedback GameController for yourself.

Final Product:

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