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Different Types Of Cuisine In Software Engineering

To understand what are different path in world of Software Engineering think of different Cuisine just like French,Japanese,Australian,Ethiopian and Indian cuisine .

Every Cuisine have there unique way of cooking based on their specific culture’s ingredient,region and tradition, Same things goes for Software Development which is based on client’s requirement or most of the times depend on what skills you’re good at it and how flexibile you’re…

Let’s start understanding what kind of path are there ? ...what are the core thing you have to understand as a Software Engineer ?….As of beginner the core understanding should be Software Development Life Cycle as given in below image.

The software engineering field is vast, with different roles based on the complexity of the application. Accordingly, engineering functions have different types of software engineers in their team. Some of the most popular types of software engineer roles are:

1. Front-End Engineer

A software engineer who specializes in the development of the user interface (UI) is called a front-end engineer. The user interfaces include visual elements like layouts and aesthetics. Front-end engineers deal with cross browser compatibility and fixing bugs to ensure an excellent visual presentation of the UI. Thus, they work with the code that runs on different user devices, browsers, and operating systems. Developing a responsive application also comes under this.

2. Back-End Engineer

A software engineer who specializes in the underlying logic and performance of the application is called a back-end engineer. They often design and implement the core logic, keeping in mind scalability. They do this by integrating with data systems, caches, email systems using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

3. Full Stack Engineer

A software engineer who can handle both front-end and back-end work is called a full-stack engineer. They have the skills required to create a fully functional web application.

4. Software Engineer in Test (QA Engineer)

A software engineer who is responsible for writing software to validate the quality of the application is called a QA engineer. QA engineers create , automated tests tools and methods to make sure that products and processes run as expected.

5. DevOps Engineer

Software engineers who are familiar with the technologies required for the development of systems to build, deploy, integrate and administer back-end software and distributed systems are called DevOps engineers. They mostly manage the application infrastructure, i.e., the database systems, servers, etc.

6. Security Engineer

A software engineer who specializes in creating systems, methods, and procedures to test the security of a software system and exploit and fix security flaws is called a security engineer. This type of developer often works as a “white-hat” ethical hacker and attempts to penetrate systems to discover vulnerabilities.

Many other types of software engineer roles exist in different engineering functions. Ultimately, they all work towards providing a seamless user experience of their application.

We will Discuss more About Software Engineer Profile & what skills are needed in next page…

Good Luck!!! & Stay Tuned…

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