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How to Find Your Niche as a Musician

Because yes, you’re more than “just” a musician

Do you want to become a professional musician? Are you struggling to get gigs, students, or work in general? Consider how to find your niche so that you can stand out and give your career some direction.

Finding your niche is essential to starting and growing as a pro musician. Whether you focus on performing, teaching, or a combination of things, your niche will help.

Keep reading to learn more about what a niche is and how to find yours.

You may already have a niche without realizing it. For example, many musicians only play one instrument or a couple of related instruments. However, you can take your niche further, such as to be a piano teacher or a baroque flutist.

As you start your music career, you should find your niche. That way, you can become in expert in that area. You’ll be able to market yourself as an expert, so you can be the go-to person for that specialty.

Now, you don’t have to be the only person with your niche. But you should avoid an over-crowded niche if you can. Then, you won’t have as much competition when it comes to finding work.

Here are a few other tips to help you find your niche as a musician.

First, you should think about what you’re best at either in music or in a related field, such as journalism or administration. If you work well with kids, being a music teacher can be an excellent niche.

On the other hand, for someone like me, being a music writer/content creator makes more sense. So think about your skills in music and other fields that you can connect back to your music.

If you can’t think of anything, ask your friends or family about your skills. Consider what people come to you for the most, such as practice tips or help with quick instrument repairs.

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